May 24, 2024

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Bookcase Ideas for Small Spaces

Bookcases can help you organize your room and add functionality to it. However, a big room bookcase may not be the most practical option in a small space. Instead, opt for built-in shelves beneath your desk, where you can easily access your books and not have to worry about blocking your view. For example, Heidi Caillier designed a cute home office using a built-in bookcase beneath the desk. Likewise, New York City-based architecture firm Shapeless Studio offers a wide range of storage options for smaller spaces. Its bookcase design is a standout from others and features custom niches that can be used to display books, pictures, and even graphics.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, there are dozens of bookcase designs you can choose from. A bookcase with an open cubby situation can add an unexpected element to an otherwise plain wall. This design is also easy to break up with plants and vases. Another bookcase that pays homage to nature is a tree-inspired bookcase. Its elegant, yet minimal appearance is sure to impress. There are dozens of different bookcase ideas to choose from, so you’ll surely find one that’s perfect for your space.

If you’re planning to create a wall of bookcases in your room, you’ll have to have a high ceiling. A bookcase with open modules can be decorated with a wavy pattern or painted a different color. You can even add your own unique touch with paint or wallpaper. However, remember that you must have a lot of space in your room. You may be limited in the number of shelves, but you’ll never run out of ideas.

Another bookcase idea that you can try is to build a floating bookcase. These units look lightweight and blend in with the room, while adding a designer touch. A floating bookcase can help you dress up your walls without breaking the bank. This piece will also protect your books from damage and ensure that they’re easy to view. You can also finish the look with a potted plant. This style can be very stylish in a modern home.

Moreover, you can build a custom-made headboard that can serve as a display area for mementos, artwork, and books. A built-in bookcase may also accommodate your music player and save floor space. A customized bookcase can transform any room into a stylish one. There are countless ways to use a bookshelf. If you’d like to save some money on space, you can opt for a floor-to-ceiling bookcase.

Industrial-style bookcases can also be very stylish. Usually metal or wood, they have pipes and dividers that prevent your books from falling out. A divider also emphasizes the organized geometric design of the bookcase. The depth difference between shelves adds an interesting design twist to this bookcase. The dividers also allow you to display other accessories that you’ve collected in your home. The result is a sophisticated office scene.