July 14, 2024

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Choosing Kitchen Worktops

Choosing the right kitchen worktop is a big investment, so make sure you do your research before you commit to a particular material or style. Worktops can make or break the look and feel of your kitchen, so take some time to browse a range of samples and decide on which one will work best for you. Alternatively, you can experiment with reclaimed surfaces, such as old school desks, pre-loved tiles or scaffold boards. However, when reusing materials, check that the surface is safe for use with food.

The choice of material is crucial, as the worktop will be used extensively to prepare, serve and eat food. Whether you choose a granite worktop, marble, or a wood countertop, it will need to endure intensive cleaning and be durable enough for the rigours of everyday use. Aside from being a functional piece of furniture, kitchen worktops have also become an integral part of design and decorating. You should choose the surface and style that best suits your lifestyle and budget.

The most durable kitchen worktops are easy to fit and cut. Hiring a professional fitter will cost you more money, and you might end up with a less attractive worktop if you make a mistake. In addition to the price of a fitter, worktops must be cut accurately, and one wrong move can ruin the whole piece of material, costing you hundreds of pounds. So, if you don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on a worktop that will not fit, you should choose a worktop that will be easy to cut and fit.

Kitchen worktops are an important piece of the kitchen, but there are many options available that will fit your needs and budget. For example, you can choose from cheaper laminate worktops or expensive granite worktops. You can also mix and match the materials used in your kitchen. You can place expensive stone on the hardest working areas, while laminate and wood are suitable for most other parts of the kitchen. Mixing and matching materials is not only trendy, it also adds a modern, up-to-date look to the room.

If you are willing to invest in a natural stone, marble and granite are great choices. They are both strong and scratch-resistant, but are not ideal for a wet kitchen environment. However, marble and granite countertops can be expensive, so make sure you check the local regulations before you commit to a large investment. In any case, granite is the safest choice for any kitchen setting. The downside of granite is that it requires specialised installation.

While painting can be an inexpensive way to change the colour of your kitchen worktops, you should avoid varnish if possible. This is because varnish is brittle when dry and can easily crack in a moist environment. Additionally, a cracked varnish can allow water to seep underneath, causing staining, blistering, and mould. Avoid varnish as much as you can! Once the worktop is painted, it will look new and look amazing for years to come.