July 14, 2024

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5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Safety

Keeping your home safe doesn’t have to cost the Earth – with plenty of cost-effective ways to help you feel more secure, your family, pets and your belongings.

Keep doors and windows secure by regularly cutting back tree branches and bushes and shrubs that provide safe hiding spaces for burglars. Window or door contact sensors sending real-time smart alerts can serve as a second line of defence against intruders.

Install a Security Camera System

Security cameras are a good way to keep crooks away from your property. Criminals are a cowardly lot and strongly prefer to ply their trade out of sight. Also, using video footage from cameras as evidence is invaluable towards helping the police in their job. Home security cameras are available in both indoor and outdoor models, with the latter offering night vision functionality. There are also some models that have built-in speakers/microphone allowing you to communicate with people using two-way audio. Countless home security cam systems connect to your smartphone so that you can watch what is important while on the road, or even include voice assistants. To avoid connectivity problems, make sure your security cameras respond to the frequency of your router. Many firewalls will be built in, password locking could be very secure, batteries might even provide power – without wires.

Change Your Locks

By doing something as simple as closing locked or having them locked at all times, you will discourage potential burglars from illegal entry to your house. If the locks are old enough and salvageable, it’s worth rekeying them: this will add to your overall security, and afford you the opportunity to explore options for style and functionality not possible with your old or power-hungry locks. Newer generations of locks may also allow for easier entry. If the person died in a hospital or hospice, it might be prudent for someone (say, the executor) to go up for a night or weekend, as insurance might not pay for extended stays by anyone other than the person who passed. It’s also a good idea to rekey your locks if you’ve moved to a new home. You just don’t know who has copies of your original key so rekeying eliminates this possibility.

Install Motion-Sensor Lights

It can also give you safety inside your home and out. When walking to your car in the dark, passing over porches or in between doors, it is helpful to have lights outside of your home that come on automatically when you come and go. Inside, lights can turn on to see when you are coming or going in the dark, which is good if your children are in the car and you need to get them out safely at night. motion-sensor lights scare off the intruders by lighting the area immediately as soon as the intruders learn the movement, this is useful because it startles the intruders and also alerts the nearby residents and police officers on suspect someone trying to invade their homes.Alerting neighbours and the arriving patrol police officers is also a good way to reduce the danger of your home to potential criminals . For instance, quite a few motion sensor lights can be set so that they’ll only turn on when things or animals get close enough to their sensors to trip them, instead of constantly sending electricity into the ground or air when the yard or house belongs to somebody who has the funds to pay big electric companies. You can vary their sensitivity so that fewer things will make them go off – saving you money and energy!

Keep Your Landscaping Trimmed

Uplift Curb Appeal Of Your Home All of us have seen homes that seem to be overgrown with foliage and shrubbery. But once the greenery and other plantings are properly kept in check with the help of seasoned pros, the lines around your home are cleaner and curb appeal is increased and the property is kept safer, with no branches brushing with your power lines or tree limbs resting on structural supports for the home. Keeping a neater outsides can make it seem that somebody is home, which is great if burglars want out of the rain and want an easy target. Second-hand light timers can help make it seem as though there’s a normal daily routine at the house. Lastly, if you have the space, planting a few thickets of thorny vegetation next to doorways and windows where you can’t have lights can cut down on hiding places for people who want to break in.

Install a Security System

And because neither do you, a security system will, at the earliest possible moment, alert you to a break-in scenario. A system that involves door and window sensors with motion detectors will sound alerts on your phone, long before any burglar has even planned to break in – and any that do arrive will find you alert and ready to act as a deterrent. Alert, and do not-let them get closer than your car. In fact, this type of security system also protects anyone living in your home, such as caretakers, dog walkers, babysitters or house sitters, children and the elderly. It also monitors pet movements, keeping them safe when you’re not at home. Modern smart systems give you peace of mind anywhere and everywhere through push notifications, email alerts and texting alerts – all without additional monthly charges! They’re easy on your wallet too, adding value and convenience to any home.