May 24, 2024

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Choosing Window Treatments

Window treatments can add texture, color and interest to any room while simultaneously improving its functionality – such as by reducing energy usage or protecting furniture or carpet from sun damage. When selecting suitable treatments, their benefits extend even further!

Many upholstered shops, paint stores and design centers provide window treatment services. Get samples to take home to see how they look in your space.


Window treatments can add style, privacy and energy efficiency benefits to any residential or commercial space. Furthermore, they’re an integral component of room design – their presence can either make or break its appearance.

Hard and soft window treatments exist. Hard treatments consist of materials like wood or vinyl, such as blinds and shutters. Soft window treatments made of fabric such as curtains, drapes and valances fall under this category.

When selecting window treatments for any room, it’s essential to keep its function in mind. A bathroom may need privacy while living rooms tend to focus more on style than privacy. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best window treatment:


Window treatments can add style and sophistication to any space. Not only can they add texture and color, they can also help add style. Layer them together or use one at a time depending on your personal style preferences.

Sheers are an increasingly popular choice. These sheer fabrics provide some privacy while softening the look of windows in living areas where privacy isn’t of prime concern. Sheers also add softening, inviting light into a space.

Blinds, which are hard window coverings made of rigid materials such as wood or vinyl, allow users to open and close the slats, while others do not. Other window coverings include valances, cornices and draperies which fall under soft treatments but some styles may combine multiple soft treatments together to form an layered window treatment effect.

Energy Efficiency

Window treatments not only help control light levels but can also add insulation. Insulation becomes especially crucial during the cold winter months when heat escapes through windows and makes heating harder for you and your home. Many window treatment styles have been designed with insulation in mind such as cellular shades, blinds and draperies with blackout linings.

These insulated coverings are designed to trap air and keep your home warm while keeping energy costs down. By blocking harmful UV rays that contribute to overheating in your home while still allowing natural light to filter in, these coverings can keep temperatures under control while still letting in light from outside. Other insulating options available for windows are valances and cornices which cover their top edge with either straight, scalloped edges, or decorative braided ladders – depending on your window frame type.


There is an assortment of window treatment choices available today, from contemporary styles to those more suited to traditional tastes.

Gotcha Covered design experts take great care to fully comprehend your room or window’s requirements and functions before offering recommendations that match perfectly to each space.

Layered window treatments combine the best of both worlds: roman shades on top with valances or panels underneath for an appealing layered look, providing privacy down low while still letting in light from above. It makes an excellent option for large windows as well as adding character and flair in living rooms and dining rooms alike.

Ease of Installation

Window treatments may seem like an afterthought when selecting paint colors, furniture collections and area rugs; but when chosen and installed correctly they can help bring an entire room together.

Hard and soft window treatments fall into two main categories. Hard window treatments consist of materials like wood and vinyl while soft treatments use fabrics like drapes, curtains and valances as their basis.

Circular windows – commonly referred to as an “oculus” – present unique challenges when selecting window treatments for them. Their round shape often creates space where mounting hardware could cause interference with certain soft window covering options; however, Gotcha Covered Design Team experts are adept at finding solutions for such challenging windows.