June 15, 2024

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Boosting Curb Appeal With Exterior Design Ideas

Curb appeal of any home plays an integral part in its value, making visitors and passersby feel welcome and at home.

Making your property stand out doesn’t require much. These easy exterior design ideas will add personality and flair while remaining within budget. Here are a few ideas to try: 1. Paint your front door a vibrant hue.

Paint Your Front Door

A well-painted front door reflects its owner’s personal style while instantly brightening up the exterior of their house. If you want your front door to stand out even more, choose a hue that complements both its trim and shutters.

Symmetrical patterns are visually pleasing and can add an elegant look to your entryway. Try using symmetrical lighting to highlight plants or even an outdoor chair swing for even greater visual impact.

Chipped window frames and faded paint can be an immediate turnoff for potential buyers, so it’s essential that your windows remain in good condition.

Add a Rug

Enhancing the exterior of your home doesn’t need to be an expensive undertaking; there are many small projects that make a big difference and increase curb appeal, like painting your front door and planting trees.

Upgrade the house number plaque, entry door lockset and light fixture to match the aesthetic of your home’s facade, choosing colors that coordinate to achieve a clean and polished appearance.

Rugs provide softness to your front porch and encourage guests to linger outside. Try classic gingham patterns for an inviting vibe or try something unexpected like bright orange to stand out.

Create a Simple Outdoor Room

Create an outdoor room by blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Begin by considering who will use this area, their usage patterns, and choosing an aesthetic palette that complements their lifestyle – for instance patriotic red shutters and bushes fit well with rustic cottages while sea blue hues give beach houses their signature charm.

New exterior light fixtures can quickly add curb appeal. Choose styles that blend in seamlessly with the style of your home and install them in well-lit areas; properly lit walkways and entranceways not only increase safety but also boost value of a property.

Refresh Your Walkway

People often underestimate the impact of a walkway. A well-kept path sends out a welcoming message to guests and potential buyers, while upgrading an outdated concrete pathway with one featuring stone or brick designs will instantly upgrade curb appeal.

An affordable trellis or arbor can add structure and balance to your front yard while complementing its plantings. Plus, adding an affordable flowering vine provides even more beauty year-round!

A fresh coat of paint can help give your house an instantly more welcoming appearance and increase both its curb appeal and perceived value. Opting for bold door colors like Catalina Blue can add character and make an unforgettable first impression.

Add a Fence or Bench

Installing a small fence or bench is another effective way to boost curb appeal and enhance its aesthetic appeal. Consider options that complement both the color scheme of your home and landscape choices – for instance, adding picket fencing along with matching urns makes a welcoming entranceway.

Enhancing curb appeal is crucial whether you’re prepping to sell or simply want a refreshing boost every time you come home. These simple changes offer maximum impact with minimal investment; best of all, most can be completed within just one day, weekend or month!

Add a Trellis or Living Wall

A trellis adds charm and welcome to any front door, providing flowering vines like wisteria or trumpet creeper support without harming exterior siding. Evergreen climbers like ivy or variegated Hedera colchica varieties such as Hedera colchica ‘Glacier’ or ‘Eva’ also help brighten walls.

Consider other ideas that can enhance curb appeal without the ongoing maintenance commitment. Planters filled with colorful flowers or herbs could be an inexpensive option.

Enhance the curb appeal and value of your home with upgraded landscaping to increase curb appeal and value. Use landscape lighting to emphasize architectural features while creating an intimate ambiance at night with uplighting and low-voltage lights spread throughout your plantings.

Add Seasonal Decor

Implementing seasonal decorations such as pumpkin wreaths in the fall and colorful mums during the summer are an easy way to enhance your home’s exterior, as they allow visitors and first responders to easily locate it.

Consider plantings that complement the paint colors of your home’s walls, and create visual interest through an arrangement of perennial flowers, such as daylily, hydrangea and lavender, as well as annual blooms such as annual sunflowers. Low-voltage lighting will further boost curb appeal; use low voltage lights to illuminate architectural features, bushes and trees in your landscape.