July 14, 2024

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Living in a city can make it easy to become consumed with daily tasks and forget to explore its hidden gems; when traveling however, it’s imperative to seek out authentic experiences of your destination.

WINK News spoke with the director of Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary who shared some of his favorite local hidden gems – from restaurants to nature trails and charter boat trips – that should not be missed when visiting Naples.

1. The Elf House in Minneapolis

Visit Minneapolis’ Elf House for an unforgettable holiday tradition! This whimsical home serves as a lifelike representation of Will Ferrell’s famous North Pole toy workshop from 2003’s “Elf”.

Deming Heights Park features a charming little house carved into the base of an ash tree for 21 years now, where people have left messages for its resident elf who responds by leaving notes in a bag attached to the little oak door with its lion’s head knocker. People leave messages here for her as people leave them notes for her inside.

The Beck Center production of this timeless movie musical based on a New Line Cinema classic may have its flaws, but will provide you and your children with an enjoyable experience. Enjoy John Debney’s unforgettable score while watching Buddy embark on his quest to reconnect with his family in New York City after growing up as an “elf”.

2. The Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum

New York City offers many postcard-worthy attractions, but there are some lesser known gems tucked away too – one such gem being Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum, which tells the tale of one state’s distinguished agricultural past while providing visitors an escape from everyday life.

The museum features many exhibits that shed light on the state’s agricultural industry, from living-history farms and cotton gins to railroad exhibits and the National Agricultural Aviation Museum – making this an excellent spot to take the entire family on an educational excursion or host special events such as wedding receptions or other celebrations.

At its location near one of Jackson’s busiest intersections, this museum is easy to reach and has ample parking. After taking a short stroll through its charming Small Town Mississippi exhibits such as print shop, blacksmith shop, doctor’s office, schoolhouse and general store.

4. The Most Famous House in Your State

Home Alone fans may already know of this hidden gem tucked away in Brooklyn. Warren Place Mews offers charming brick townhouses that’ll help make you forget you’re even in New York City.

Many of the houses on this list are well-known throughout America due to their notable former residents or distinctive architecture. North Carolina’s Biltmore Estate stands as one of the country’s largest homes while The Breakers in Newport, Rhode Island was constructed as Cornelius Vanderbilt II’s vacation retreat.

Florida is home to several noteworthy attractions. Florida’s Ernest Hemingway House in Key West is a well-known draw, home to 40 or so polydactyl cats; Georgia is host to Twelve Oaks Plantation which served as inspiration for Margaret Mitchell’s fictional 12 Oaks from Gone With the Wind; for those interested in Frank Lloyd Wright works, Illinois Oak Park holds some of his finest pieces.