June 15, 2024

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Creating Unique and Interesting Wall Art and Decor

Create unique wall art and decor to give your home character and draw the eye of guests. Mixing and matching elements may create an appealing display.

Display a collection of mirrors or frames of images with similar shapes; add textiles for an unexpected pop of color and texture;


Wall art can add a great finishing touch to any room with minimal investment of time and effort. Not only can it add personality and spirit, it can also show guests who visit how uniquely you live!

Wood is an easy material to work with and can produce stunning pieces of artwork that will capture the attention of anyone visiting your home. This wood burning project is an engaging way to tell your tale and will look wonderful displayed on any wall in your home.

Similar to wooden scraps, wooden scraps can also be used to craft stunning arrow wall art pieces that will add an eye-catching visual presence in any chosen space. Simply print out a simple pattern printout and fill with small painted wooden circles.


Mirrors can add interest to a wall in much the same way as pictures and paintings do; they can be integrated into gallery walls with tapestries, floating shelves and canvas art or used alone as a focal piece on one.

Mirrors can also help diffuse natural light throughout a room, especially for smaller spaces where large mirrors create the impression of more space.

There are plenty of creative DIY mirror projects you can complete yourself, such as crafting a driftwood mirror for use in coastal beach cottages or this fringed mirror from The Merry Thought that requires only basic supplies.


Fabric wall hangings are one of our go-to ideas when it comes to DIY home decor projects, as they’re fun, dramatic and cost effective – not to mention add a personalized touch that makes any space feel more like home!

Take an old fabric you have around the house – like an embroidered napkin or bath mat – and create your own textile wall art with it. Or go for something more striking, like this floral weather guest book frame!

Embroidery hoops offer another easy and eye-catching DIY wall art option. Just fasten a piece of fabric you love onto an embroidery hoop and display it on the wall!


Wall art can dramatically transform how a room feels to you while also offering visitors a glimpse into who you are and your spirit. There are countless DIY wall decor solutions out there to fit every taste imaginable; whether simple framed art ideas or something more adventurous are your preference, DIY wall decor has plenty of solutions available that are sure to meet them!

Make yourself happy by displaying items that bring joy, such as your child’s hand painted art, a favorite fabric or feather collection. Or add your personal stamp with a picture ledge filled with decorative objects like vases or figurines; for extra freshness add plants for natural style!

Framed Images

Framed images are an iconic home decor item, known for adding visual interest and adding visual depth. When combined with other design elements in the room, such as artwork or accent pieces such as pillows, they can become focal points that draw your eye inward and can draw an audience’s focus towards them.

Framed clocks can be an attractive and useful way to showcase your favorite clock designs while adding visual interest to a wall. Their black frames create a striking high-contrast contrast against white prints for added visual drama.

An effective approach to creating framed wall art is by curating a collection of family photos on one wall. This works well in homes of different styles and may elicit conversations about those depicted.


Create wall art that adds a texture element is easy and enjoyable. Textiles, modern paintings with thick brushstrokes or even natural materials such as wood can all make for great statement pieces that grab attention and stand out.

Here, a striking and inspiring arrow wall decor has been made using wood shims painted and then framed, creating an eye-catching display. This idea can also be applied towards custom quote art for walls.

Even Popsicle sticks can be recycled to add a stylish polka dot pattern to the walls in your interior space.