June 15, 2024

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Unique Ways to Upcycle Old Furniture

Upcycling Old Furniture offers an excellent way to breathe new life into items in your home while saving money and adding custom style to the interior design of your house.

Convert a dresser into a media cabinet using just a few tools and some paint. An old wooden spool could also serve as an effective bookshelf.

Armoire Coffee Station

Home coffee stations can add extra counter space for your coffee maker and cups. A bar cart works just as well, while metal armoires make for even better storage solutions – these pieces can often be found at charity shops, garage sales or online. These pieces feature gorgeous wire mesh doors as well as ample open shelving space that makes organizing supplies easier.

Repaint an old dresser or cabinet in a bold hue to transform it into a coffee bar – this will make a bold statement and is easy to do! Or turn a picture frame into one by attaching hooks along its bottom edge for use as a coffee bar!

Cabinet Serving Tray

Cabinets or chests of drawers with recessed panels make an excellent DIY project to transform into serving trays. Before beginning the task, first sand and clean the piece to remove dirt and old paint before giving it a fresh coat of eco-friendly paint that matches your decor.

Use stencils and stamps, or freehand your own designs onto the surface of a tray before painting over it for an original furniture upcycling idea that no one else has! Not only will this save money and benefit the environment; it’s also loads of fun – give it a go and you may be amazed!

Ladder Laundry Room Storage

Ladders take up considerable floor space, making them ideal for creating space-saving storage solutions. A Fresh Space’s ladder wall shelf utilizes a standard wooden ladder by mounting it on the wall with hooks – effectively hiding its presence while still making it easily accessible.

As part of your laundry room organization plan, try painting an ordinary wooden ladder in an eye-catching hue and mounting it with hooks on every other rung for convenient clothing storage until you have time to wash them all. This creates an effective place for hanging clothes that need washing out of the way until you can do it yourself.

Add decorative ladder towel racks for some added color and extra storage in a small laundry room. They can help add an extra pop of character and extra organization.

Bookshelf Sandbox

If your old bookshelf has seen better days, consider painting it and turning it into a kids sandbox using this DIY project from Green With Decor. Not only can you save money but you’ll give children another fun way to play outside while providing them with their own outdoor playspace!

Repurposing furniture can add both style and functionality to your home, saving both money and creating something truly original. From turning an old dresser into a bathroom vanity to turning your headboard into a bench seat, these DIY projects will surely please.

Magazine Rack Outdoor Planter

An easy way to upcycle furniture is with fresh coat of paint. Wood crates can be given new life with vibrant hues ranging from grass green to sky blue bringing life and fun into any room they occupy.

Even if the frame of an old mirror is damaged, you can still upcycle it by adding decorative accents like beads or flowers to its surface. Or try using stencils to design new patterns on its glass.

Make an impactful statement while helping save the environment! Repurposing furniture is an amazing way to do just that while adding something completely custom and special to your home. Check thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales as well as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Upcycling is an eco-friendly solution with endless potential!

Porch Swing

An old wooden chair makes an excellent canvas to transform into an appealing porch swing. Simply saw off its legs and add a porch swing hanging kit to transform an ordinary seat into something extraordinary. Leave the wood untreated for an authentic rustic vibe or smooth it for a sleeker finish.

An old dresser can transform into an eye-catching mudroom bench by simply taking out its top row of drawers. Not only can it help minimize clutter in the space, but it can also provide storage for shoes and outdoor gear. In this home designed by Geoff Chick & Associates featuring climbing roses framed by wrought-iron gates enclosing a freestanding porch swing is it was also included as part of its design!